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Crypto Gaming Play To Earn NFT REVIEW GAMING Gods Unchained: From Web3 to Epic Games Store

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Leading web3 game developer and publisher Immutable Games has announced that Gods Unchained, Ethereum’s highest-grossing trading card game, has made its grand entrance into the Epic Games Store. This recent development is sure to set pulses racing in the Web3 gaming community.

A Place Alongside the Big Names in Digital TCG

The move is seen as a major stride in positioning Gods Unchained on a par with other behemoths in the digital Trading Card Games (TCG) space – think Hearthstone, Magic: The Gathering, Yu Gi Oh, and Legends Of Runeterra. What does this mean for the average PC user? Well, Gods Unchained is now in the hands of over 230 million PC users that constitute today’s Epic Game Store player base, broadening its reach tremendously.

Daniel Paez, the Executive Producer of Gods Unchained, couldn’t contain his excitement, stating, “It is hard to overestimate the significance of Gods Unchained’s launch on Epic Games Store, one of the largest PC gaming platforms in the world. He further adds, “It is a natural continuation of our journey and makes good on our promise to our community to continue to bring Gods Unchained to a new and diverse player base.”

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An Exciting Year Ahead for Gods Unchained

Following the launch, the Gods Unchained team gave a sneak peek of their ambitious roadmap for 2023. The team behind the Android mobile game has had great success with pre-alpha testing, hosting over 60,000 gameplay and design sessions in one month. They plan to soft launch the game on Android and iOS devices later this year.

They’ve not stopped at that. They’re also introducing the much-anticipated “Sealed” game mode, marking Gods Unchained as the first Web3 TCG to offer this feature. This novel mode focuses on a buy-in queue with decks built from a pool of 60 random cards and three Gods, injecting a fresh element into gameplay. In a gauntlet-style run, players battle it out until they either achieve seven wins or suffer three losses. And, to spice things up, traditional deck-building restrictions are thrown to the wind in this mode.

Embracing Community Engagement and Enhancing Gaming Experience

The Gods Unchained team has a clear focus on community engagement. The imminent launch of their new content creator program will allow players to record their favorite gaming moments, share them with the community, and receive token rewards in return.

They’re also working to enhance user experience, transitioning their pack opening mechanic from a video hosting pack opening experience to a WebGL one for more interactions across all devices, including mobile.

Moreover, there’s a commitment to better communication with the players, offering regular dev diaries, updated roadmaps every quarter, and casual chats with Executive Producer Daniel Paez and the team in Discord to keep the players looped in on weekly happenings in the game’s ecosystem.

Final Thoughts

In bringing blockchain technology into the mix while maintaining its appeal to the traditional gaming community, Gods Unchained demonstrates how these two different gaming worlds can coexist. It’s creating an environment that combines gaming with the respect for individual ownership enabled by blockchain.

Undoubtedly, Gods Unchained is gearing up for a new and thrilling phase in its journey. Combining the best Web3 and mainstream TCG/Strategy realms, the game is poised to offer a unique gaming experience for blockchain enthusiasts and gamers alike.

This step forward does come with its share of challenges. But with a comprehensive development plan, an active community, and support from a significant player in the gaming industry like the Epic Games Store, the future looks bright.

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If this article, video or photo intrigues any copyright, please indicate it to the author’s email or in the comment box.


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