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Crypto Gaming Sport NFT REVIEW Unleash Your Mojo: Explore Planet Mojo’s Gaming Metaverse

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Welcome to the world of Planet Mojo, an exciting gaming metaverse operating on the Polygon blockchain. With its intriguing alien planet setting and immersive narrative, this metaverse offers players a unique gaming experience.

Mystic Moose, the creative force behind Planet Mojo, presents Mojo Melee as the first major game in this interconnected universe, setting the stage for a multitude of adventures.

In-Game NFTs and Their Expanding Uses

One of the features of Planet Mojo is its focus on expanding the use of in-game NFTs. Players can acquire various types of NFTs, such as Mojos, Champions, Skins, and Spellstones, which provide unique powers and enhancements.

These NFTs can be purchased on popular marketplaces like OpenSea and Magic Eden. As the Planet Mojo ecosystem continues to grow, players can expect even more opportunities to utilize their NFTs across various games.

Innovation and Future Potential of Planet Mojo

The innovative nature of Planet Mojo sets it apart from other gaming platforms. For instance, the introduction of high-quality 3D NFT characters adds a new level of immersion and enjoyment for players.

Furthermore, the upcoming land plots feature will grant players a stake in the digital lands of Planet Mojo, creating a sense of ownership and investment in the game world.

Ultimately, the interconnected games within the Planet Mojo ecosystem and multiple NFT use cases promise a bright future for this gaming metaverse.

Getting Started and Playing Mojo Melee

Diving into the action is simple with Mojo Melee. To start playing, follow these easy steps:

Visit the Planet Mojo website, create an account, and connect your MetaMask wallet. After selecting a Mojo character and setting up your team, you can choose a game mode and begin playing.

The reward system in Mojo Melee offers both free play and investment opportunities. Players can test the game dynamics without connecting their wallet or choose to purchase NFTs to enhance their gameplay.


In summary, Planet Mojo offers an enjoyable gaming experience with its interconnected universe, unique NFTs, and innovative features. With the debut of Mojo Melee, players can expect an engaging and rewarding gaming journey. As Planet Mojo expands its metaverse and interconnected games, the potential for growth and increased player engagement remains high. Don’t miss out on this exciting new world – explore Planet Mojo today!

Players can purchase various types of in-game NFTs, such as Mojos, Champions, Skins, and Spellstones, on popular marketplaces like OpenSea and Magic Eden.

Planet Mojo is an exciting gaming metaverse built on the Polygon blockchain, featuring interconnected games and an immersive alien planet setting.

Mojo Melee is the first major game in Planet Mojo’s metaverse, offering a next-generation AutoChess Battler experience with customizable NFT teams.

Planet Mojo stands out due to its high-quality 3D NFT characters, interconnected games within the ecosystem, multiple NFT use cases, and the future introduction of land plots for players to stake in the digital lands.

Mystic Moose is the creator behind the innovative gaming metaverse of Planet Mojo.

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If this article, video or photo intrigues any copyright, please indicate it to the author’s email or in the comment box.


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