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NFT Market NFT REVIEW NEWS ‘Barbie x Boss Beauties’ NFTs Break Gender Barriers

NFT Review Market

Mattel and Boss Beauties have teamed up to introduce ‘Boss Beauties x Barbie’ virtual assets, NFTs that celebrate the iconic doll’s career history since her origin in 1959. The central objective of the digital assets is to encourage women into Web3 and pursue the jobs they desire, regardless of traditional societal expectations. Early access began on May 11, however, the official launch will roll out at VeeFriends‘ event, VeeCon, on May 18. 

Showcasing 25 of Barbie’s iconic professions, including astronaut, CEO, doctor, pilot, veterinarian, and more, the virtual assets on the Flow blockchain will be available for $25 per pack of four. Although all Barbie NFT packs and priced equally, they offer contrasting elements of surprise. For instance, packs with ‘ultra rare’ rarity traits grant access to a Barbie ‘Career of the Year’ doll set, whereas ‘exclusive’ collectibles open entry to the Barbie exhibition in Los Angeles, ‘World of Barbie’. However, each pack similarly consists of two ‘common’ cards, one ‘uncommon’ card, and a fourth card that falls into any category (depending on luck). Some of these digital collectibles will likely sell for more than others on secondary marketplaces as a result. 

Extra Notable Perks in the Boss Beauties x Barbie NFT Collection

As time unfolds, more exciting rewards will come to light beyond the inaugural collectibles. Physical rewards will serve as tokens of achievement, surprising collectors with special-edition merchandise, including Barbie-themed accessories, as special mementos representing the doll’s diverse history. 

On the flip side, specific “Boss Beauties x Barbie” collectibles will delight collectors with the opportunity to join virtual career conversations run by powerful, accomplished women from numerous respective fields. Such interactive sessions enable participants to seek guidance, explore differing career paths, and draw inspiration from women who excel in diverse spheres. 

The ‘Boss Beauties x Barbie’ initiative empowers collectors with a series of experiences to embrace individuals in overcoming gender obstacles and charting their desired paths to triumph regardless of gender roles. By celebrating Barbie’s many acquisitions, individuals can shatter limitations, reach for their dreams, and embark on a journey of personal growth and self-discovery while exploring the world of Web3. 

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