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NFT Market NFT REVIEW NEWS Bored Ape Yacht Club Heads to ‘The Forge’

NFT Review Market

Fire up the blast furnace and put hammer to hot steel, the time has come to test your mettle in ‘The Forge!’ The latest gamified experience from the Bored Ape Yacht Club has arrived, so get ready to put those HV-MTL NFTs to work.

Following a tumultuous build up filled with anticipation, trepidation and a touch of disappointment, the latest development from Yuga Labs is now live. As a result, collectors of the HV-MTL NFT collection can jump into a strategy-cum-pet-care game that will eventually evolve into a balls-out dungeon crawler.

Through the gaming mechanics, players are challenged to build a functional workshop for their mechanical companions. Essentially, looking for the most efficient method of farming energy, which they will then later use to open ‘The Rift’ and dive into a realm of fearsome foes. Meanwhile, a leaderboard mechanic will see community members vote on their favorite workshops, which will then determine the quality of future upgrades.

Earn AMPs and Level up Your EVO2

All HV-MTL NFTs start out life as the basic EVO1 version of the virtual robot companion, however, participation in the forge will unlock the opportunity to level up to EVO2. Gamers can achieve this by collecting up to 6 upgrades called ‘AMPs,’ of which, a minimum of 3 are required to evolve into EVO2.

According to the supporting documents, players will receive one AMP for participating in each of the 6 seasons. However, the scarcity of the acquired upgrades will be tied to the eventual position on the leaderboard, in turn, enhancing the desirability, power and value of the connected NFT.

6 Seasons to Get to Grips with the Forge

The Forge will last for a grand total of 6 seasons, the first of which, began on June 29, and will last for 3 weeks. That will then be swiftly followed by Season 2, which promises further utility for BAYC, MAYC and BAKC NFTs. While, Season 3 will allow those who have accumulated sufficient energy to delve into the mysterious realm of ‘The Rift.’

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