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NFT Market NFT REVIEW NEWS Certhis: An Ultimate Web3 Portal for NFT Collectibles

NFT Review Market

Web3 mover and shaker, Certhis, has launched the ultimate solution for NFT collectibles. A platform that will provide businesses, brands, and creators with a multi-chain, no-code, user-friendly solution to integrate Web3 infrastructure into their websites. With Certhis, blockchain can be leveraged to expand an audience and customer base, convert users into holders, and create a digital presence for any brand.

Launching an NFT collection is easy with Certhis, as businesses can create limited edition products with a certificate of authenticity, proof of ownership, and product traceability. In addition, its out-of-the-box solution will allow customers to create NFTs in all major file formats, including .jpg, .png. .mp3, .mp4, across multiple blockchains, such as Ethereum, Polygon, BNB and Avalanche. 

Furthermore, Certhis offers its own integrated wallet that allows businesses to onboard their Web2 users to Web3 with a seamless interface. Customers can generate a Web3 wallet with a simple email, allowing them to become engaged in Web3 and discover its power without any of the usual technological barriers.

Opening the Door to the World of Web3

To back up its incredible vision, Certhis has prepared an industry leading fleet of tools and services to glide users effortlessly through the world of Web3. As such, the team will offer those using its platform access to a wide range of Utility Apps on its custom, in-house, marketplace. As a result, providing users with valuable plugins such as NFT marketplaces, affiliate programs, ticketing, gated content, raffles and more.

In addition, Certhis has also developed an intuitive analytics dashboard to allow customers to keep track of their NFT engagement. Essentially, enabling them to track the movements of NFTs, royalty payments, and minting trends.

To further cement its status as the go-to, out-of-the-box Web3 solution, Certhis has also ensured compatibility with all the main players in website and ecommerce technology. As such, providing seamless integration with industry leading platforms like WordPress, Wix, Shopify and more!

Convert Web2 Users to Web3 Holders with Certhis

Ruben, the CTO & CPO, and Henry, the CEO, founded the platform to help brands convert their Web2 users into Web3 holders.

“Our philosophy is to deploy an open environment, regroup all Web3 major services within the same ecosystem, interoperable, strong, and accessible for all,” says CTO Ruben.

With Certhis, businesses and brands can showcase their products in a new and innovative way, increase their PR presence, build an exclusive section on their website for NFT holders, and offer an enhanced experience to their holders. Certhis offers a comprehensive solution that enables anyone to create and manage an NFT collection, onboard users to Web3, and build a strong community around their brand. 

Find out more about Certhis’ innovative solution >> Here 

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