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NFT Market NFT REVIEW NEWS Cozomo de’ Medici Champions Avant Art

NFT Review Market

Eminent NFT collector, Cozomo de’ Medici, has linked up with Avant Art to showcase artistic talents through an NFT project called the ‘Medici Collection,’ set to launch on July 25. The debut pieces feature tangible artworks designed by numerous accomplished digital artists exploring conventional mediums.

“I’m thrilled to join forces with Avant Arte in supporting digital artists as they delve into the physical medium. Avant has made significant advancements in making fine art accessible to a new generation of art enthusiasts, and through this collaboration, I hope audiences will develop a deeper appreciation for both digital and physical forms of art,” commented Cozomo de’ Medici in a statement.

Talents Behind the Medici Collection

The list of artists set for the Medici Collection have started rolling out, and the last creative masterminds will be unveiled on June 30. All talents involved share the same goal: to bring their digital art into mainstream view. The first three artists to be announced thus far include Jake FriedMonica Rizzolli and Alpha Centauri Kid. 

Jake Fried began delving into digital art and NFTs, realizing its potential to boost human experiences through collective engagements. His artworks consist of hand-drawn surrealist animations created through a time-intensive process to highlight a “stream of consciousness”, which is similarly achievable through poetry, painting or dance. 

On the other hand, Monica Rizzolli’s artistic talents spur from the belief that nature and computers aren’t as different as one may believe. She represents such beliefs through her artwork, which consists of botanical patterns that present ecological ways of thinking. Her tones and textures are intimate and hand-drawn. To her, much like a plant species, her collections have a distinctive style, yet they are all unique. 

Last but not least, Alpha Centauri Kid became a crypto artist in 2021 after a tedious career in a government job. Each artwork tells a story regardless of its diverse aesthetics, spanning from internet-goth to Cubist. Taking inspiration from a mysterious ‘Muse’, Alpha’s creations are replete with secrets, illusions, and innovative elements. His Muse portrait fetched $107,100 at Christie’s in 2022. 

Attraction Behind Avant Art

Avant Art came to light in 2015 through two friends with a shared passion for showcasing creations on an art-centric blog. Since then, the duo have formed a close bond with numerous artists to explore new mediums which best suit them, from sculptures, hand-finished works, monoprints, and of course, NFTs. The platform has become a global marketplace spotlighting curated artworks from some of the finest artists in the Web3 industry. As a testament to this, in March 2022, it joined forces with iconic NFT artists like FVCKRENDER, NessGraphics and David Rudnick. 

What’s more, due to building a passionate community worldwide and working directly with their audience, artworks featured on Avant Art typically sell out very quickly on release, with some being snatched up in just a few seconds.

Avant Art’s primary goal is to continue merging Web3 and the tangible art world, relishing each opportunity to achieve such goals – through artworks, storytelling, and street-level interventions. Partnering with Cozomo de Medici is a critical example of the platform’s mission, propelling digital artists and conventional collectors of fine art to open their minds and explore the NFT sphere. 

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