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NFT Review Market

In the years since NFTs entered the limelight, we’ve watched the supremely talented, FEWOCiOUS, develop from a teenage art sensation into a fully-fledged global art superstar. Now however, sticking to the technology that gave him his big break, the mighty Victor Langlois has unveiled a stellar new NFT collection.

Arriving on the blockchain to form the populace of his self-styled ‘FewoWorld,’ victor will debut 20k ‘FEWO’ NFTs on August 21-25. Each vibrant collectible will be composed of a number of individual traits hand drawn by FEWOCiOUS himself, and transformed into 3D components with the liberal application of technology.

The characters will come in three guises that represent the different characters inhabiting FewoWorld. As such, these Frankensteins, Humanoids and Misunderstoods will all exist in harmony within the folds of FEWOCiOUS’ art themed Metaverse.

When the FEWO’s drop, collectors will have 3 opportunities to nab themselves one of the technicolor troupe. Firstly, those in possession of a PAiNT NFT can claim one for free in the presale. Secondly, anyone holding a piece of FEWOCiOUS art can purchase one for a discounted price, and thirdly, mere mortals can purchase one during the public sale.

FEWO Backpacks Harbor Game-Changing Utility

In addition to being individual works of art, FEWO NFTs have an extra little trick hidden up their sleeves. Essentially, each character will come equipped with its own state-of-the-art ERC-6551 ‘backpack.’ As such, this NFT backpack will operate as its very own wallet that will enable extra utility for the collection.

According to the official website, the backpack will allow FEWO holders to redeem flowers that will function as mint passes. These mint passes, will then ‘bloom’ into digital fashion accessories and wearables within the FewoWorld and beyond.

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