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NFT Market NFT REVIEW NEWS Punk Domains Adds a Little Flare as it Expands its Coverage

NFT Review Market

Cutting edge Web3 naming service, Punk Domains, has partnered up with the Flare Network to offer a new series of bespoke wallet extensions. Through the initiative, the company will serve users with easily readable blockchain addresses on Flare and its canary network, Songbird.

Punk Domains has made waves in recent years with its innovative, cross-chain, domain naming service. Previously offering customized blockchain addresses for the Smolverse (.smol), and KlimaDAO (.klima) on Arbitrum. Now however, it has gone one step further by bringing its incredible digital product into the folds of the Flare Network.

Going forwards, users can register their own personal identities on Flare which will then feed into their on-chain usernames and profiles. As a result, switching out the traditional and cumbersome wallet strings with an easily readable and infinitely more memorable .FLR or .SGB username.

To make the new update as seamless as possible, Punk Domains has integrated the service with Flare’s Bifrost wallet. A move that will allow Flare users to mint their domains, and transfer their funds with greater ease thereafter. In addition, Flare has also deployed its inventive ‘Flare Time Series Oracle,’ which will effectively ensure fair pricing regardless of market volatility.

Punk Domains Reinvents Social Networking on Songbird

This latest development between Flare and Punk Domains marks the second collaboration between the two trailblazing companies. Previously, they worked to develop a Web3 social networking application on Songbird, called SGB Chat. Through its powerful features, users can engage with one another while circumventing the usual social network pitfalls like monetization and censorship, while additionally accessing a number of DeFi tools that link directly to Web3.

The ultimate aim of SGB Chat’s next-generation social platform is to maintain data integrity through the use of decentralized storage. Meaning that the blood-sucking corporates will no longer have a monopoly on user’s private information. For now, the application is only available on Songbird, however, a version for the Flare layer 1 network is already in development.

So, take a moment to consider an upgrade to Flare through the Punk Domains naming service, and take it for a whirl through SBG Chat!

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