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NFT Market NFT REVIEW NEWS SimWin Sports Launches New AI-Powered Virtual Football League

NFT Review Market

SimWin Sports, the interactive platform renowned for its AI-driven fantasy sports, is expanding its horizons with the launch of a new virtual fantasy football league. In a bold move fusing fantasy sports, esports, and NFTs, the league will have virtual teams in action round-the-clock, offering an immersive experience for both casual sports fans and experienced players.

An exciting feature of this initiative is the celebrity line-up that will coach some of these virtual teams. Among the notable names are Jerry Rice, Marshall Faulk, Tracy McGrady, and NBA legend Magic Johnson. Johnson’s association with SimWin Sports, initially as a team owner, investor, and advisor, has been an active part of the platform since June 2022.

Perhaps most intriguingly, fans won’t merely spectate; they’ll own and manage their virtual teams. With the power to train their teams, fans can gain profits from player salaries, sponsorships, and shared revenue. SimWin even allows customers to scout and develop virtual college players, guiding them through various career milestones, including finding an agent and retirement.

In an interview with Decrypt, SimWin’s President and CMO, Tom Goedde, underlined the uniqueness of this project, saying, “It’s one of the few, possibly only, Web3 experiences where you don’t have to sell your digital assets in order to make money.”

The platform uses AI to train teams and execute fan-determined plays, a feature that not only enhances realism but also serves as a check against cheating and match-throwing.

This initiative comes on the heels of SimWin’s strategic partnership with Sports Illustrated, announced earlier this year. The company’s CEO, David J. Ortiz (no relation to MLB hall of famer David Ortiz), stated the partnership’s intent to “bridge our Web3 audience to the traditional sports universe” to Yahoo! Finance. The new football league is a significant stride in that direction.

But SimWin isn’t stopping at football. The company has ambitious plans to expand into soccer, basketball, and cricket, signaling a new era of digital sports engagement. With the promise of this unique blend of traditional sports, fantasy leagues, and virtual assets, SimWin Sports is poised to redefine the landscape of online sports and gaming.

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