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NFT Market NFT REVIEW NEWS Zora Goes Old School with Physical Magazine

NFT Review Market

NFT minting platform, Zora, has launched a physical version of its Zine digital magazine, which users can redeem through the application of NFTs. Dubbed Zora Zine Print Issue 001, the edition will feature 2,500 copies, each backed on the blockchain by an Ethereum-based non-fungible token, and priced at 0.0777 ETH apiece.

Even though the move appears regressive, Zora sees print media as a vital tool that can advance the values and objectives of Web3. Yana Sosnovskaya, the head of editorial at Zora Zine, emphasizes this point by noting, “Success isn’t just about the medium—it’s about creating value for users, in our case cultural and curatorial.”

Sosnovskaya explains that the physical print aims to capture the spirit of Web3. Something that will “be fascinating to revisit as time goes on, players rotate, rules change, ideas swirl, and waves of hype come and go.”

Zora Zine Continues Experimenting with Web3 Tools

Just like its digital counterpart, the physical print will continue to experiment with blockchain-based solutions that aim to decentralize and democratize the media industry. For instance, this issue features a “Fake Ads” project where 22 artists have come together to create fabricated Web3 products and services.

Zora aims to reward each of the artists involved with an honorary fee, while additionally monetizing their work through a series of open edition NFT mints. This way, the Web3 principles of the magazine will exist in harmony with its new physical collectibles.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time the magazine has experimented with decentralized technology tools to offer artists, journalists, photographers, and other contributors a share of its revenue. Other experiments have involved crowdfunding writing gigs and allowing audiences to choose the kinds of stories they would like to see published.

The first printed edition of Zora Zine focuses on the theme of “Intergenerational Dynamics” outlined in 250 pages. In total, there are over 60 contributors, including well-known figures within the tech industry such as Kevin Kelly, executive editor of Wired, Jaron Lanier, computer philosopher and futurist, and many others.

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