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Crypto Gaming Sport NFT REVIEW Web3 Meets Mobile Gaming: Taki Games’ Latest Game Launches

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Taki Games, a player-owned mobile gaming network powered by the TAKI token, has partnered with the Web3 gaming DAO Game7. This collaboration has led to the launch of “Game7 Food Fighter,” a new mobile game that combines fun gameplay with Taki Games’ tokenomic design and the Game7 brand. 

Additionally, Taki Games recently expanded its gaming portfolio by introducing “Pac-Cat,” a Web3 mobile game that features the well-known NFT collection Smart Cats. This game is now accessible to gamers on the Taki network through the Bored Button mobile app. Pac-Cat’s launch comes on the heels of Taki’s collaboration with Smart Layer, as they hope to elevate the accessibility and utility of Web3 gaming for mobile gamers worldwide.

Web3 Gaming Expansion

Web3 gaming is witnessing healthy growth so far in 2024. There is an increasing demand for games integrating blockchain features such as native tokens, peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplaces, and ownership of in-game assets. The potential market for Web3 gaming has expanded considerably, driven by the millions of people globally who now own cryptocurrency. 

Taki Games has developed what they call the “Takinomics” model, employing buy-and-burn mechanisms to motivate players to contribute to gaming platforms’ revenue. With this model, Taki Games hopes to funnel the value from the $200 billion global gaming industry directly into its rewards system, anchored by the $TAKI token.

According to Dappradar rankings, Taki Games is among the top 100 Web3 games across various blockchains. Additionally, the gaming network has surpassed 5 million installs on Android devices, based on Google Play statistics.

Source Taki Games

Game7 Food Fighter

“Game7 Food Fighter” is the outcome of the partnership between Taki Games and Game7, a DAO-based gaming collective focused on propelling blockchain gaming forward through grants, educational programs, and strategic initiatives. The game aims to create a sustainable cycle of rewards for all stakeholders, facilitated by the Takinomics model’s revenue generation and the regular buyback of $TAKI tokens. 

Game7 Food Fighter will integrate with the Rally Mobile Wallet SDK, enabling players to receive rewards and trade in-game digital assets peer-to-peer, supporting the $TAKI token on both Polygon and Solana networks.

Taki Games CEO Weiwei Geng stated, “It’s clear that Taki Games and the Game7 DAO share the same vision for Web3 to bring gamers and developers closer together. Realizing this vision means bringing gaming’s billions of gamers and $200 billion in revenues on-chain, and we’re excited to do this with Taki Games and Takinomics, which make games that people already love even more valuable by enabling gamers to become owners.”

Source Taki Games


“Pac-Cat” offers a gaming experience incorporating Smart Layer’s Executable NFT (xNFT) technology, allowing players to interact with uniquely designed Smart Cats NFTs. Each Smart Cat in the series functions as a stand-alone game, drawing inspiration from Tamagotchi. Gamers can engage with their virtual pets through the token interface.

The Smart Cats NFT collection has gained significant traction, becoming one of the leading NFT games on the Polygon network by transaction volume. Taki Games and its partners anticipate that “Pac-Cat” will attract thousands of new gamers to the Web3 ecosystem, offering them lasting rewards and the opportunity to influence the game’s future development.

“The extraordinary momentum in the Smart Cats community over the recent weeks is showing the market we’re potentially reaching a tipping point when it comes to bringing mainstream consumers into Web3 with real utility,” said Smart Layer CSO Mathew Sweezey, highlighting the rapid growth in the community’s engagement.

These initiatives by Taki Games, in collaboration with Game7 and Smart Layer, highlight the ongoing integration of blockchain technology into mainstream gaming, seeking to create more rewards and player empowerment in Web3 game economies.

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If this article, video or photo intrigues any copyright, please indicate it to the author’s email or in the comment box.


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