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NFT Market NFT REVIEW NEWS Early Mickey Mouse Character Tops OpenSea After Copyright Expiry

NFT Review Market

Mickey Mouse Dominates OpenSea

Following the expiration of the copyright for Mickey Mouse’s early version, three NFT collections inspired by this vintage character witnessed a dramatic rise on OpenSea’s charts.

“Steamboat Willie’s Riverboat” currently claims the top spot on the secondary marketplace, with a modest floor price of approximately $23.66 (0.01 ETH) and a trading volume of $44,961 (19 ETH).

Moreover, close behind, in second place, is “Steamboat Willie”, boasting a higher floor price of $354 (0.15 ETH) and an impressive $343,123 (145 ETH) in trading volume.

“Steamboat Willie Public Domain 2024” secured the third position, with a floor price of $283 (0.12 ETH) and the highest trading volume of $733,574 (310 ETH).

To celebrate these achievements, the renowned digital artist Beeple created a unique image of Mickey Mouse triumphantly surrounded by a sea of Bitcoins, symbolizing the iconic character’s dominance in the modern digital era:

Disney’s Copyright Reminder

Despite these vintage versions of Mickey Mouse becoming publicly available, Disney has issued a reminder about the modern versions of the character, which remain under copyright protection. In a statement to CNN, a Disney spokesperson emphasized the company’s ongoing commitment to protecting the rights of the modern iterations of Mickey Mouse.

The same spokesperson also highlighted Disney’s dedication to safeguarding against consumer confusion caused by unauthorized uses of Mickey Mouse and other iconic Disney characters.

Furthermore, a legal expert, Oscar Franklin Tan, has cautioned the crypto community about the restrictions on using “Steamboat Willie”, stating it cannot be used in a way that suggests affiliation with Disney and that copyright laws vary internationally. Thus, the 1928 Mickey is still private in some countries.

Nonetheless, early Mickey Mouse’s resurgence in the NFT realm signifies a pivotal moment in digital art and collectibles, marking a unique intersection of historic animation heritage and technological innovation.

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